Yushi Okuyama Pro Demonstration
Effective Golf Practice Equipment Video Lesson

Effective and Practical Usage Videos for Training Equipment

Flexible golf bats.

◆Whip Monster Bat

1mm's Duff Prevention! Effective Practice Method of Shot Mat.

◆Approach & Full Shot Practice Mat

Experience increased distance with a 600g bat equivalent to two heavy drivers!

◆Whip Monster

Attachable to the Ligvy Swing series or your golf club's grip for easy face angle checking. Can be combined with the Ligvy Mini for home use!

◆Bobby Swing Trainer

Drastically improve your swing and witness the incredible trajectory change through proper shaft usage!

◆Practice Iron

Who knew you could achieve so much practice with just two sticks?

◆Alignment Stick

Continued use helps you develop the correct swing and position, transforming you into a putting expert.

◆Putting Mirror with Stroke Guide

Perfect for practicing while watching golf programs at home, this tool offers 120% effectiveness.

◆Swing Practice Equipment

Experience the sensation of a +10 m/s swing for increased head speed!

◆Black Missile for Head Speed Increase

This unique training device straightens your left elbow, enhancing precision and speed.

◆Sound Arm Checker

Corrects loose swings and tightens your form.

◆Armpit Tightening Correction Belt

Correct your swing plane for those who struggle to hit the sweet spot on irons.

◆Swing Plane Correction Practice Equipment

The source of improved smash factor, distance, and scoring.

◆Shallowing Hand-First Pronation Wrist Belt

Yushi Okuyama

Professional Golfer


Born July 4, 1983, in Saitama Prefecture
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Graduated from Nihon University Golf Club

【Main Achievements】
・Winner of the Ibaraki Open
・Participated in the ANA Open
・Competed in Challenge Tour
・QT Finalist
・Appeared in many media outlets in recent years
YouTube:Click here for Yushi Okuyama's YouTube channel "OK Golf: Fly with Joint Free". okuyama

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